The Retraction Of Sheikh Ubayd Is A Mistake: Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Haadi

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In a recent speech, wherein Sheikh Muhammad ibn Haadi addressed some of the antics of the Sa’aafiqah, -and criticized some in detail- he also addressed the recent retraction of Sheikh Ubayd concerning his warnings against Haani ibn Burayk (the khaariji). This is the correction of a scholar to another so that the people understand clearly the position in accordance with the prophetic methodology.

Sheikh Muhammad said: “As for the retraction of Sheikh Ubayd (concerning his speech against the innovator Haani ibn Burayk) we say; all praise is for Allah, the Islamic legislative sciences are preserved, recorded, and present (til this very day). The foundations of Salafiyyah are preserved -and to Allah belongs all praise- and are recorded. Whoever is mistaken his mistake is manifest (not something obscure when weighed against the principles). The speech of Sheikh Ubayd i.e. his retraction is a mistake. The correct (stance/position) is his first speech (clear warnings against Haani the Khaariji).

As for his second speech (recanting from his warnings against Haani the innovator) it is false, and it opposes the consensus of Ahlus Sunnah and their foundations. Indeed the brother i.e. the questioner, I don’t know him however he read to the sheikh and it was as if he tried to find an exit for him (from the mistake he heard from the sheikh’s speech), yet the sheikh this was his speech. At any rate we say concerning the sheikh that his speech is false, and the truth within our hearts is greater (that Haani clearly opposed a foundation of Ahlus Sunnah and Salafiyyah).”

Thus it becomes incumbent upon the Salafi to apply the principles in this regard and not be deceived by the status of an individual, especially the status of one such as Sheikh Ubayd. Although the sheikh is a senior scholar, a defender of the sunnah, and beloved to all those who traverse upon the Salafi Methodology, the sheikh in this issue is clearly mistaken, as is stated by another scholar of lofty standing Sheikh Muhammad ibn Haadi and firmly supported by the principles of the religion. I ask Allah to bless us with firmness during these times of trials, and I ask Allah to bless the people of Yemen by ridding them of trouble makers and kharijites like Haani Burayk.

Translated by Najeeb ibn Yusuf Al Anjelesi.


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