Syrians Fleeing To Europe And America: Sheikh Abdullah Al Bukhari

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Q: Syrians traveling to Europe and America is now common, so is traveling there under these current circumstances (civil strife taking place in Syria) permissible? Also there are some people who issue religious verdicts to them stating it to be permissible, so what are the prerequisites and guidelines for traveling to these countries?

A: First: we say may Allah bless you, and we ask Allah to relieve our brothers in Syria from their distress and to relieve the people of truth and Islam throughout the rest of the earth from their distress. Those who’re in Yemen, Iraq, Libya and in other places from all the lands of Islam and in whatever place they may be. May Allah relieve them of their troubles and quell their enemies.

Second: If it is necessary for them to leave and they are unable to stay due to some hindrance, then what is most appropriate is for them to go to a Muslim country wherein they can enact Islamic customs, and protect their religion, children’s cultivation, and their families. On the contrary if they are unable to do this and they find for themselves a refuge or place out of necessity, necessity, and I emphasize necessity, for a necessity, then there is no harm, however it should not be for permanent residency. When Allah makes it easy for them to return, they should return immediately, but what is binding upon them is to search for a Muslim country first.

If they can not stay in their country due to some (what Islam deems as) legitimate hindrance, then upon them is to leave (fleeing) to a Muslim country. If they are unable and there is an extreme necessity in their situation then there is no wrong (in fleeing to these two non Muslim countries), of course this is not for permanent residency. This is coupled with being aware and required for a man to preserve his religion while in these countries. Also to strive in adhering to the purified legislation, to protect his children, and to distances himself from mixing with the people of disbelief and being at ease with them, so that he may not be swayed or deceived thus ending up with them. We ask Allah for safety and well being. His traveling there is only out of necessity and a necessity is only assessed in proportion to it(s need), and Allah is most high and most knowledgeable.  

Translated by Najeeb Al Anjelesi


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