When Committing Major Polytheism Is Excused: Sheikh Rabee Ibn Hadi

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Q: Are people, living in some Muslim countries, who commit major polytheism excused due to ignorance? Or is it that the proofs have been established against them due to the circulation of Islamic knowledge based books, tapes, and educational gatherings that are broadcast (on TV, radio, satellite, etc) wherein tawheed is clearly explained to them?

A: Whomever you know that comprehends and the proofs have been presented to him then (if he still persists upon polytheism while claiming Islam) you consider him to be out the fold of Islam, however many people do not understand. Many have not even heard (the proofs) specifically foreigners (non Arabs). In this time a multitude of Arabs are on the same level as the foreigner as they read the Quran and hear the narrations yet they do not comprehend them.

So patience is necessary alongside the lack of being hasty with passing judgement against the people. Indeed I’ve already answered this question before you asked it. I also cited the verses that indicate the necessity of the misguided person having comprehension in that he understands the proofs that are with you. Surely there may be with him disbelief and misguidance, however do not be hasty in passing the judgement of him being outside the fold of Islam until you present the evidence. We previously mentioned the position of Ibn Taymiyyah in this regard and the evidence (supporting this position).

Translated by Najeeb Ibn Yusuf Al Anjelesi

Source: فتاوى فضيلة الشيخ العلامة ربيع بن هادي عمير المدخلي


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