The Condition Of Muhammad Ibrahim Of Egypt: Sheikh Abu Abdil A’laa Khalid Al Misri

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Shaykh Abu Abdil A’alaa Khalid ibn Muhammad Uthman Al Misri was asked the following question, what is the condition of Muhammad Ibrahim in Egypt and is knowledge to be taken from him?

His response: That which is apparent from his condition is that he opposes the way of the scholars in some subjects. He is excessive in the matter of declaring salafis to be innovators, and in declaring salafis to be ignorant without due right. From another angle he shows no respect for the scholars as it relates to who they praise and criticize. Thus there may come to him the multiple praise of the major scholars for someone from Ahlus Sunnah yet he shows no consideration for such, in fact he throws it behind his back. Unfortunately he sees himself to be more knowledgeable than the scholars about individuals criticized and declared to be innovators. This was the exact path taken by Mahmood Al Haddaad Al Misri during his initial onset. In the beginning he opposed the scholars concerning their criticisms and commendations thus he was excessive.

An additional characteristic of Al Haddaad is he would go beyond bounds with regards to himself, and his followers were the same. This is something we have noticed in this young man (Muhammad Ibrahim). He and his followers go beyond bounds concerning him, they raise him to the level of the imams just as one of them did in a treatise he authored, therein he mentioned him alongside the imam of criticism and commendation Rabee ibn Hadee. He considered the well grounded specialist of criticism and commendation of the time to be: The lofty scholar Rabee ibn Hadee and then mentioned his teacher, this young man in Egypt, Muhammad Ibrahim. So he considers him to be a well grounded specialist in criticism and commendation without any scholar stating this.

As for imam Rabee he is our teacher and did not reached this level except with attestation from the major scholars. As for these individuals (who are) raising their teacher to this level by way of their own attestation, without any attestation from who? The scholars with regards to him (Muhammad Ibrahim). This is subsequent to their ignorance and behavior which was the way of the first haddaadis. So you’ll find in them dumbfounding arrogance with regards to accepting the truth, dumbfounding arrogance with regards to their brothers, and even with their teachers or scholars, and the subject is lengthy with regards to clarifying the likes of such, however I (would like to) advise my brothers to seek knowledge from the well known, major scholars. Those who have been praised by scholars and imams of guidance that came before them. And (also from) whosoever traverses their path from the students of knowledge. (Take) from the people of knowledge who do not traverse the path of excess and arrogance with regards to the truth.

Translated by Najeeb ibn Yusuf Al Anjelesi

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