People Of Knowledge In Kurdistan (Northern Iraq)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The following is a list of the people of knowledge in Kurdistan as mentioned by Shaykh Rabee, Shaykh Ubayd, and others.

  1. Shaykh Abu Abdil Haqq -Abdul Lateef ibn Ahmad- Al Kurdi
  2. Shaykh Ahmad ibn Salih Ibn Husayn
  3. Shaykh Muwaffiq ibn Husayn
  4. Khalil ibn Ahmad Al Kalaari

Shaykh Ubayd:


Shaykh Rabee:

Shaykh Khalid Ath-Thufairi: In this link there's a post of some of Shaykh Rabee's praise of Shaykh Abu Abdil Haqq Al Kurdi the one to whom which the shaykh referred to as a scholar (Alim).

Shaykh Abu abdil Haqq's statement on Khalil ibn Ahmad:

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