Only Praying During Ramadan: Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih Al Uthaymin

   بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

A question posed to Ash Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih Al Uthaymin may Allah be merciful to him.

Q: What is the ruling concerning he who fasts and prays whenever Ramadan arrives, yet when it concludes he abandons prayer?

A: That which has been made clear to me by way of evidence is that whomsoever abandons the prayer is not deemed a disbeliever unless he abandons it in totality (he never prays). As for he who prays on some occasions and leaves it off on other occasions, he doesn’t disbelieve as a result of that based on that which is clear to me from the evidence. This is due to the Prophet’s -sallahu alayhi wa salaam- statement: “The distinguishing between us and them is the prayer whoever abandons it disbelieves.” and his statement: “(that which stands) Between a man and between polytheism and disbelief is the abandonment of prayer.

However the person who doesn’t pray except in Ramadan along with fasting (this person) I have doubt with regards to his faith, by virtue of the fact that if he were a true believer he would pray in Ramadan and in other months. As for him not being cognizant of his lord except during Ramadan it causes me to doubt his faith, yet I do not pass a ruling of disbelief (upon this individual). On the contrary; I’m hesitate concerning him and his affair is with Allah.

Translated by Najeeb ibn Yusuf Al Anjelesi.

Source: فتاوى في أحكام الصيام

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