Fareed Abdullah’s Position Concerning Ali Halabi And Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

بسم الله الرحمن الزحيم

This is to inform our brothers and sisters upon al minhaj as salafi that I Najeeb Al Anjelesi along with our brothers Abu Junayd Ghazi Al Anjelesi, Sameer Al Anjelesi, and Akh Umar had a beautiful discussion with our noble brother Abu Mujahid Fareed Abdullah on the evening of Monday Dec 26, 2011 at Masjid Al Mumin in Los Angeles after salatil isha. As a result of this discussion our brother Fareed gave his approval to convey his positions concerning certain affairs in which positions are being falsely attributed to him without his authority or knowledge.

First, concerning Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari although the brother attended Fareed’s classes, that which he promotes on the internet concerning salafiyyah he DID NOT learn from Fareed. Thus Fareed is free from his claim “be upon the way of the salaf but not salafi.” Likewise he is free from the apparent attacks of Abu Mussab against the salafis. Furthermore he is not considered from the students of Fareed by him or anyone else that was present for the short duration of Abu Mussab’s attendance.

Second, concerning Ali Hasan Al Halabi, our brother Fareed is in accordance with the position of the ulama regarding the criticism of Halabi and at no time has told anyone anything contrary to that. Thus that which is spread by some individuals in California that contradicts what was previously mentioned is FALSE.

Thus it is hoped that our brothers upon al minhaj as salafi in other parts of the country will stop calling the angelesiyyeen inquiring about his position in these two affairs. If there is a need for clarification then call Al Madina school and talk to Fareed directly inshaa’llah wa billahit tawfeeq.

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